Company Profile

Over the years, Emsia has built a chain of professionals with the skills necessary to start, manage and develop projects that involve the use of metal powder additive technology, through end-to-end processes ranging from design to prototype production and series.


Architects and designers specialized in the design of objects and components to be created through additive manufacturing. This type of design requires a deep knowledge of the printing processes and the limits required by the new technology, which are radically different from those known so far.

Process engineers
Specialists in the construction and optimization of printing processes, able to adapt stylistic needs to printing constraints.

3D printing specialists
Professionals in continuous evolution, specialized in the use of printing software and in management of additive manufacturing machines, able to design the printing supports, optimize the positioning of objects during printing, identify the best relationship between quantity and quality of the objects in a single print.


Printing service
To carry out our projects we collaborate with printing services able to provide services of the highest level. Our suppliers have printers of various types and sizes, and provide us with adequate support according to the specifics of the project in progress.

Oxidations and surface finishes
The coloring by anodic oxidation and the hard oxidations (type II) of the titanium that make the objects stone-resistant, are a plus of Emsia's activities. Our Partners are leaders in oxidation, mainly of titanium and aluminum, and are skilled in the surface finishes of metals.

Turning and milling
Objects produced by additive manufacturing often require further processing: Emsia’s Partners are specialists in metal turning and milling.

Technologies and materials

CNC machining (iron alloys, non-ferrous alloys, plastics)
Multi Jet Fusion (PA12, Glass filled PA12, PA11, Polypropylene PP, TPU)
Led MSLA (ABS resin)
FDM (ABS medical, ABS food, Carbon fiber + PA6, Carbon fiber + PA12, Peek)
SLS (Polyamide, Alumide, Carbonmide, Glass filled PA, TPU, PA6)
SLA (Vitra, Resins)
DMLS (AlSi10Mg, Ti6Al4V, 316L, IN718, C465)