Vintage cars and motorbikes require spare parts and components that are now out of production and cannot be found on the market: the reproduction of these objects is possible thanks to 3D printing technology. Emsia manufactures both aesthetic and mechanical functional components, all faithfully reproduced from the original.

The components are digitally reconstructed, and their production is preceded by plastic prototypes for on-board tests and for validation by the customer. Every single piece is subjected to strict compatibility tests and quality certification.

Emsia manufactures numerous components for vintage cars, both in series spare parts and one-off pieces to replace the damaged original. The components can be subjected to the type of finish desired in full respect of the originality of the piece.

If necessary, the damaged component can be rebuilt and optimized for greater mechanical strength with a process of redesigning the morphology and topology. The heat treatments developed by Emsia also allow to further increase the mechanical resistance of the molded components.
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